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The Science of Reading Human Face - eBook

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The Science of Reading Human Face - eBook - FREITAS-MAGALHÃES;BLUHM,CARLA;DAVIS,MARK

"The Science of Reading Human Faces" is a compilation of innovative chapters, a representative snapshot, from the 1st World Congress on the Facial Expression of Emotion held in Porto, Portugal during October, 2014. The 1st World Congress was sponsored by Professor Freitas- Magalhães at the University Fernando Pessoa in Oporto, Portugal (FEELab) and by the UFP Hospital-School. The authors in this collection are from around the world and offer ideas and research related to numerous areas of faces and emotion. The book is relevant to many different disciplines and provides readers with some of the very first glimpses of topics. Some of these innovative topics include: learning how to express emotion with a transplanted face, the cultural significance of the smile and pride, abnormal facial reading detection and expression, sport facial expressions, and intergroup emotional expression. The book also covers topics concerning non-human facial expression such as in laboratory rats and the reading of primate facial expressions. Such pioneering work will be of interest to students and professionals working in areas of emotion and faces across a broad spectrum such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, forensics, speech pathology, brain and neurological studies, and surgical techniques regarding beauty and the repair of faces.
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